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Partner with Susila Jewelry, your supplier of Fashion Jewelry like Macrame, Beaded strings, and Pearls for Wholesale

Boost your sales and customer loyalty with our unique, handcrafted jewelry, and collaborate with our artisans to create customized pieces that set you apart from the crowd

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See how our partners have succeeded with their their jewelry production

I wanted to again thank you for all your hard work in helping us create this jewelry line. Spencer and I truly love working with you, and April and Manik, and we are so appreciative of your quick responses and help. You have been so wonderful in helping us bring Gratitude Gifted to life! We cannot wait for what the future holds for our partnership and are so excited for it! You are the best. 





The Susila team, ready to co-create Fashion Jewelry like Macrame and Beaded bracelets with you

We are Susila Jewlery - Your Fashion Jewelry wholesale supplier.

Susila Jewelry is the leading brand in macrame and beadwork in bulk for wholesale, in Bali, Indonesia. offering a diverse range of products that showcase intricate designs with minimal use of metal.


Our products are inspired by different styles and themes, such as bohemian, minimalist, and Yoga, to suit your customers’ personality and preferences.


We excel in co-creation, working closely with you to create customized fashion jewelry that reflects your vision and our design expertise.


Whether you are a retailer or a wholesaler, we can help you enhance your product offerings, differentiate yourself from your competitors, and grow your business.


What We Offer

Discover the ease of jewelry creation with Susila, serving businesses of all sizes. We’re your silent partners in manufacturing, transforming your designs into tangible, enchanting pieces using a blend of Balinese artistry and innovative craftsmanship.

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Custom Design Consultation & Co-creation

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Ethical Sourcing of Materials

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Jewelry Production in bulk for Wholesale

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Custome Packaging

Not Sure Where to Start?

Why not start with ordering a sample to witness our macrame, beaded string or pearl work firsthand! After all, the proof is in the results, right? Contact our team today and we are happy to get back to you!

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Handmade Fashion Jewelry production in Bali, Indonesia since 2012

In 12 years we have learned how to work effortlessly with many companies and designers from all around the world. Produce your own luxury or fashion jewelry collection with our talented team from Bali, Indonesia.

Why Susila Jewelry?

In 12 years we have learned how to work effortlessly with many companies and designers from all around the world. Produce your own luxury or fashion jewelry collection with our talented team from Bali, Indonesia

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Embrace the rich Balinese culture with our fashion jewelry, each piece meticulously crafted by local artisans, narrating a tale of the island’s splendid artistic heritage.

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Customization Expertise

Transform your visions into exquisite custom fashion jewelry, where our skilled artisans meticulously shape each design into a tangible piece of personalized elegance.

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Ethically Sourced Materials

Our pieces be it macramé or beaded string work are a pledge to ethical elegance, utilizing sustainably sourced materials that ensure your fashion jewelry is a beacon of beauty and environmental responsibility.


Competitive Pricing

Unparalleled value with prices starting as low as $0.30 per piece and flexible solutions for low Minimum Order Quantities (MOQ), making exquisite Balinese craftsmanship wholesale accessible to all.

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Quality Assurance

Step into a world where superior craftsmanship and quality converge, ensuring every piece from our workshop is a sublime testament to Balinese artisan skill. 

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Community & Empowerment

we proudly partner with Solemen Foundation to assist the disadvantaged and zealously champion women artisans, with 70% of our team being empowered women.

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