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  • What Is The Average Lead Time For An Order?
    The average would be about 45 days. However, the better answer is 30-75 days. Depeding on the size and complexity of your project.
  • What Is The MOQ?
    Since our products are handmade, we are able to give our customers the liberty to customize many different styles, colors, and products with much lower MOQs that a typical Chinese factory would have.
  • Are You Going To Sell Directly To The End Consumer?
    No. We are strictly a manufacturer/wholesaler. Extra: Our clients either order our unbranded fashion jewelry in bulk or they design their own jewelry products.
  • What Are My Expected Gross Margins?
    Average markup is 5-10 times. Of course, this is entirely up to you.
  • How Do You Protect My Privacy?
    You will never see any products we have designed for other clients unless we have been given permission by the client to do so. Your privacy is very important to us and we have contracts to ensure that it is protected at all times.
  • Are Your Products Made Ethically?
    Yes. We have broken this question into 2 sections to elaborate. Employee Ethics: Our employees are all given salaries based on government regulations. We work Monday-Friday from 8am-5pm, with 1 hour break for lunch. Product Ethics: We make sure that the suppliers we work with for materials follow all government standards and regulations. This means paying their employees a fair wage, guarantee that no child labor is allowed, and who maintain a safe working environment.
  • How Does Payment Work?
    We require a 30% deposit after performa invoice has been approved. Remaining 70% balance is required before package is sent when shipping by air OR upon copy BOL (Bill of Lading) when shipping by sea. We accept Bank Transfer (wire transfer) or PayPal for smaller orders (usually used for samples).
  • Who Makes Your Jewelry?
    Our jewelry is produced by our artisans here in Bali and Java. We are a handmade fashion jewelry manufacturer, no jobs are outsourced to any other companies. If we can't produce it, we will try our best to present you with something similar that we can produce.
  • What Materials Do You Use?
    There are many options available. Usually the jewelries main material is either cotton or nylon string or genuine leather. For accessories, some common materials used are crystal, glass beads, pearls, semi-precious/natural stones and so much more.
  • Can You Make Jewelry With Gold? Gold Plated?
    No, we do not make pure gold jewelry. Yes, we can make gold plated. The plating (gold in karats) depends upon the customers request. Extra: The base material for gold plating is usually Brass or 92.5 Sterling Silver.
  • Can You Make Jewelry With Sterling Silver? 92.5 Silver?
    Yes. Extra: Actually, Sterling Silver and 92.5 Silver are the same thing.
  • How Long Does It Take To Design My Jewelry?
    This process depends on the materials used and the complexity of the jewelry itself. The average time for a sample of your design takes 7-10 days to produce.
  • How Can I Know The Jewelry Quality?
    We offer a sample box including 12 pieces of jewelry. Each piece has been chosen to showcase some of the different styles we can produce. Extra: The full cost of the sample box (including shipping) is refunded upon your first order with us.
  • How Do I Know The Quality Of Materials Used?
    We have certificates for our metals being 100% Nickel and Lead free and are happy to show you a copy. Extra: In case you would like to make your own jewelry that contains any metal and want to do a laboratory test and obtain a certificate. We can arrange this and split the costs 50-50.
  • Do You Offer Free Samples?
    We offer a sample box with a full-reimbursement upon your first order with us.
  • How Many Revisions Do I Get?
    Typically it takes 2-3 revisions but there is no limit. Our priority is making sure you are in love with your product.
  • Can I Keep The Samples I Have Already Received?
    Yes. Those are yours to keep for reference and a fun memorabilia.
  • How Long Do Samples Take To Receive?
    Sample production time on average is 7-10 days. Sample shipping time is 5-7 days.
  • How Much Do Samples Cost?
    You can get our sample box for free! There will only be shipping price depending on your location or delivery address.
  • How Do I Send You My Designs?
    You can send us through email. The more information the better. You may attach pictures, drawings, descriptions, measurements, etc.
  • How Long Does It Take To Receive My Order?
    Average Shipping Time: By Air 7-10 days By Sea 20-30 days.
  • What Methods Of Shipping Do You Offer?
    We do not sell shipping, however we are happy to assist in the process. If you do not already have a shipping provider we can give the information to contact ours or we can handle this process for you. If you would like us to it, here's the process. We will forward you a quote for the different methods of shipping offered (by air, sea, express, etc.).
  • Are There Additional Fees?
    As stated above, we do not sell shipping but when inquiring with an agent they will be able to quote for all costs applicable to shipping to your country.
  • What If My Shipment Is Lost?
    Shipping companies have their own insurance that covers lost items. You can inquire with the company directly for more information on their policies and insurance.
  • Can I Track My Shipment?
    Yes. You will receive a tracking code from the shipping company.
  • Can You Ship Worldwide?
  • What If My Shipment Is Damaged?
    If your shipment is damaged during transport the shipping company's insurance will cover it. If you think your products were faulty before delivering you can contact us directly and we will walk you through our damaged goods policy.
  • Do I Need To Declare My Order With Customs?
    This depends on the type of shipping service you chose. If you choose 'door-to-door' then you will likely not need to declare anything (it will be handled by the shipping provider). If you choose 'door-to-port' then you will need to declare your order. Each country is different and you will want to learn what the requirements for your country are prior to picking up your shipment.
  • Can I Design My Own Packaging?
    Yes. Let us know you what you want and we will go from there.
  • Are Packaging Costs Extra?
    Our standard packaging is free (see details on this 2 questions below). We can also put your logo on the shipping box free of charge. Any custom packaging is an extra cost.
  • Can We Use Our Own Logo?
    Yes. We offer a free logo stamp on the shipping box to help you identify your package. If you want to order our additional packaging or customize your own then OEM is included (Yes, you may add your logo).
  • What Is Your Standard Packaging?
    1 pc by OPP. Set per color per dozen in large OPP. We do specific arrangements depending on customers preference. 5 ply standard export cardboard box. 56x33x46 natural color standard export cardboard box.
  • What Types Of Clients Do You Have?
    We offer 2 types of services. You may order our unbranded fashion jewelry in bulk or you can design your own products. Wholesale Jewelry: This refers to ordering our fashion jewelry products in bulk. We have numerous catalogues that you may choose from. This is common for retailers and resellers. All of this jewelry is unbranded -- you may choose to put your own label on it and select the pricing that you find most suitable. Custom Products: This refers to designing your own jewelry. We have all types of clients that have chosen to create their own collection with us. Sometimes they are artists, designers, established brands or promotional items for events and special occasions.
  • What Are The Conditions Like At Your Factory?
    Our factory conditions are above average. Our building consists of; stock and storage, quality control and shipping team on the main floor, sample and product development teams upstairs, and beside them is our core team in the office. Much of our production is from women who often work from home (learn more about this in About or Social Projects pages).
  • Does Rainy Season In Asia Affect Production Time?
    No. Not for jewelry products. Extra: Clothing, batik, and some other handmade apparel items are effected by the rainy season, as many of them need the sun to dry to the products.
  • What Can You Not Make?
    We do make anything with pure gold or stainless steal.
  • What Are Your Quality Control Methods?
    We have 2 levels of quality control. First we check for any damages and poor quality of the materials being used. The second, we check that the product is made properly. This means going through a unique checklist for each item. Some things we look for: 1: Chipped or cracked materials. Weak spots in the string and other components. Hook or sliding closure functions properly. 2: The product is identical to the sample. (i.e. Correct Size, Correct Materials Used, Proper Order of Beads/Accessories).
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