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Being able to offer affordable fashion jewelry and luxury jewelry in bulk makes us happy but there is much more our story than just a great product and competitive pricing
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‘Be Good - Do Good’ resembles how we treat our customers, collections, and overall concept. SUSILA is a force that empowers women, especially mothers in the surrounding area. We enable many to earn income and gain independence while still tending to the responsibilities within their family and community. Our efforts extend to collaborating with multiple organizations to help less-fortunate children gain access to education and disadvantaged people to get the care they need in Bali.

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Owned by a European Group

However, we are located on the spiritual island of Bali, Indonesia and would love to host you!


Jewelry + Clothing Producers

Revenue +$1 Million

Employees +50 people

4 Annual Trade Shows


Powered by Talented Artisans

Our story is all about empowering women and the art of handmade jewelry and garment / clothing production.



We are a child of Haugum&Co. SUSILA Jewelry started back in 2013 by our founder Jostein Haugum. Not long later, he partnered with current CEO, Manik Widari to take things to the next level. Operations are located in Bali, Indonesia. 



Handicraft jewelry is a hidden specialty of so many Balinese women. They become very talented artisans from a young age because of many religious tradition/activities. Handmade jewelry holds a unique importance on the spiritual island of Bali. The creative process itself has a beautiful energy that transfers from the artisan to the consumer. 

Additionally, the boutique-style talent has flourished into an thriving clothing production business with working conditions much higher than many of the neighbouring countries.



Our biggest accomplishment as a business is definitely the why. It is one thing to strive for success and positive impact but to do it is amazing. Since the beginning we have valued 'doing good' for our employees, our clients, the communities around us and of course ourselves. As we mentioned above Bali has many talented handicraft artisans, however, due to religious and family responsibilities most women are not able to work and earn an income. We saw an opportunity to empower women and help them grow as an independent and also among their families and communities. We created a system for our artisans to work almost like freelancers. This freedom of working from there homes, part-time or from an office has allowed them to earn an income and support their families in new ways. 


We strive to keep our reputation as one of the most innovative jewelry and clothing producers in Asia. Offering multiple services and a lot of customization options is one of the ways we do this. While our company and materials used are all very ethical, we also offer completely plastic-free options for your brand. Contact us directly to discuss producing your next collection 100% plastic-free. 

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