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7 Of The Best Ethical Jewelry Brands in Southeast Asia

As ethical jewelry grows in popularity, sustainable jewelry brands in Southeast Asia continue to prove that indulging in accessories do not have to lead to negative, long-term consequences.

To be ethical means that the entire business process is sustainable. It should have little to zero negative impact on the environment and its people. The sourcing, production, and selling follows — and sometimes even improves on — the current environmental and labor laws.

According to market research and consulting firm Grand View Research, “Asia Pacific occupied the largest jewelry market share of 60.1% in 2018.” These are mainly China and India, where gold is in high demand, and is even used as hard currency in times of emergency.

This demand, however, opens the question of whether these jewelries are ethically sourced.

This is why a growing number of ethical Southeast Asian jewelry brands have stepped up to deliver quality accessories for the discerning consumers. These brands are on a mission to empower their artisans, grant fair wages, and leave minimal traces in the environment.

Leading by example, these are the best and popular sustainable jewelry brands from Southeast Asia.

1. Cerimani

Cerimani’s sustainability project started in Thailand back in 2017. The company, together with the Karen Hilltribes Trust, pledge to fund clean water to the remote villages of Thailand’s Mae Hong Son province. By buying a total of $50, consumers will be able to help one villager gain access to clean water and better sanitation.

Its owner Proud Limpongpan shares that they collect dust particles of gold and silver through their filtering system, and reuse it as jewelry. Their products are made delicately, mixing traditional and modern. Each jewelry comes with intricate symbols, featuring pearls and different gemstones in their unique 120-degree pattern. This pattern is inspired from Cerimani designer’s natural history museum visit. “Everything around us stems from 120 degrees. From the angle of our DNA to the molecules that make up water, to the lines on a leaf.”

Working with nature, Limpongpan continues to work on their mission: "We can't just have pretty clothes or pretty jewelry without thinking about how the earth is going to be as well.”

2. Article 22

This inspiring company changed the painful remnants of war into modern artistic accessories. Locally handcrafted in Laos, Article 22 recycles Vietnamese War Bombs, fighter planes, and aluminum war parts. They collect the scrap metal leftover from war and make beautiful accessories out of them.

Their first collection called PEACEBOMB was made by traditional Laotian artisans in Xianghouang province, and was crafted from shrapnel collected from the Vietnam War. The pieces help global humanitarian Mines Advisory Group (MAG) clear landmines or undetonated bombs and keep people from harm.

Article 22 has been featured in prominent magazines and newspapers like The LA Times, Vogue, Marie Claire, PBS Newshour, Wall Street Journal, and NBC.

3. Ananda Soul Creations

This is one of the ethical trade Bali jewelry brands that is known internationally. Founded by Christina Zipperlen, Ananda Soul was founded in Ubud, Bali. They showcase unique and traditional designs from the island. Each piece carries symbolisms and engravings and are blessed with Balinese prayers.

It’s one of the Bali ethical jewelry companies that focuses on the well-being of its artisans. They strive to provide livable wages and employment to street mothers who can’t afford to send their children to school. They are working to break the cycle of poverty, and to create a better life for poor mothers and their children. They are able to minimize their carbon footprint by using recycled and low-impact materials for sustainability.

Ananda Soul Creations’ products are vegan and safe for everyone.

4. Atlas Pearls

Atlas Pearls believes that the pieces you wear should match your values. Based in Kupang, Indonesia, this company hired 900 diverse, passionate, and happy employees in their 25 years of making pearl-studded accessories from rings to necklaces.

According to The Bali Bible, “Atlas Pearls has an enviable reputation as a global leader in eco-pearling, specializing in the highly sought after silver and white Pinctada maxima, known as the South Sea pearl.”

Atlas Pearls continues to grow up to 500,000 South Sea pearls across their five Indonesian pearl farms.

5. Chic Made Consciously

Founded by Cassandra Ciarallo, Chic Made Consciously (CMC) was inspired while she was traveling around Southeast Asia in 2015. One of her biggest influences was Bali, Indonesia. Their accessories are made from repurposed brass and old tire inner tubes, with intricate designs and patterns.

CMC then became one of the fast-rising accessory companies that promote sustainable jewelry in Bali. With the kind of materials they use, CMC accessories truly adds an edgy statement to every outfit.

6. WoonHung

Singapore-based designer Woon Hung founded this ethical accessory company that only uses natural materials. The company sources their products from the craftsmen in Cebu, Philippines. All of the processes done to create their accessories are made by hand — from polishing, beading, dyeing, washing, sorting, and assembling.

WoonHung makes sure no materials are wasted during the production to avoid piling landfills and possibly polluting the environment. Their accessories are made of white wood beads, and delicate, disc-shaped Capiz shells. WoonHung continues to help many skilled artisans earn livable wages and provide for their families.

7. Susila Jewelry

The company’s tagline, ‘Be Good - Do Good’ is reflected on their mission and products. Susila Jewelry is Asia’s most reliable manufacturer of handcrafted, eco-friendly jewelries. They provide affordable bulk handmade accessories designed by mothers in Denpasar, Bali. The company empowers women through flexible work setups and fair wages. They collaborate with organizations to provide education to less-fortunate children.

Susila Jewelry believes that Bali has a lot of talented artisans only waiting to be discovered, and it’s their goal to provide more livelihood to women who really need it. As one of the best sustainable jewelry brands in Bali, they continue to provide ethically sourced jewelries, and help make the locals’ lives better because of it.

Clients have the option to order 100% plastic free products in bulk. Start your ethically sourced business with Susila Jewelry today.

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