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4 Must See Places While on a Business Trip in Bali

In this article we share with you the tips you need to make your business trip to Bali unforgettable.

Our operations in Bali are handled by CEO and part Owner Manik Widari. She is a professional and also a native, born and raised in Bali. Manik and the many Balinese staff created this list of amazing Bali experiences for us to share with other professionals visiting the island.

Our Founder -- Jostein Haugum from Haugum&Co had this to say when asked about why he chose to start a business in Bali. "I fell for this particular Island in Indonesia because it is not only a great business center – but also because the Island has so much to offer visitors. As an experienced world traveler, I know an amazing place when I see one."

Therefore, we thought a guide to some of the secrets for when you are off the clock would be helpful.

Ask your business partner if you can join a local ceremony

Balinese children playing a drum at a Ceremony wearing traditional clothing
Credit: Artem Beliaikin

Bali is the Island of hospitality and diversity in Indonesia and there is a great acceptance and inclusion of people across religions and faiths. The Balinese have 12 religious holidays a year and spend great amounts of money and time on ceremonies.

As such, your relationship with your supplier, agent or other business partner in Bali is a great opportunity to experience real Balinese culture – and get a glimpse behind the 'tourist curtains'. It is easy, just ask if there are any larger ceremonies coming up and if it would be okay for you to participate – We bet that you will be happily welcomed.

Depending on the ceremony, be aware that you will probably have to wear a sarong, which your business partner can easily supply for you on the day of the ceremony. We have participated in everything from weddings to funerals (which both likely are quite different from what you know).

We can help you plan the must see touristy things while you are here on business.

In no particular order, here are some of the most popular and worth it places to see in Bali. This list contains must see Bali sights that you can do in a single day.

1. Handara Iconic Gate

Girl in yellow dress standing in front of Handara Iconic Gate
Credit: Stijn Dijkstra

This iconic gate is actually an entrance to one of Bali's finest golf courses. Whether you golf or not this may be worth the trip. This region of Bali is a couple hours away from our office in Denpasar. It is located up north near Buyan and Tamblingan (also known as The Twin Lakes). You will also find the weather to be more cool and refreshing and some of the most amazing local food on the island. 

FEE: 30,000 rupiah per person ($2.15 USD)

More information on the gate and golfing can be found from Handara Golf Resort.

2. Ulun Danu Beratan Temple

Credit: Oleksandr Pidvalnyi

This is a very serene and special place for many people. This area is sometimes referred to as the Water Temple (however, there are a few places that have that same nickname so make sure to use the proper name when planning). There are many temples here actually and the attraction is much larger than this picture shows. 

TIP: Ulun Danu Beratan Temple is very close to Handara Iconic Gate and we recommend seeing both in the same trip.

FEE: 50,000 rupiah per person ($3.58 USD) 

More information can be found from Water Sports Bali.

3. Sideman Rice Terrace

Drone view of Sideman Rice Terrace during sunset with Mt. Agung in the background
Credit: Stijn Dijkstra

A drive out to these stunning rice fields equals a day of relaxation and nature. While the views are breathtaking, we have a couple additions for you to make the most out of your trip. There are a few resort/retreats in the area. They each over affordable meals and massages. We recommend taking advantage of both. 

FEE: Rice fields are free. Massage average pricing 80,000 - 150,000 rupiah ($5.74 - $10.76 USD).

More information can be found from here.

4. Pura Lempuyang

Pura Lempuyang iconic gateway temple with Mt. Agung and a pink sky in the background
Credit: Stijn Dijkstra

This really is one of our favorites. You might see a lot of the pictures from here that appear to have a lake in-front. The local up there have a very cool "mirror" trick they are willing to help you with for a small fee (worth it). Other than the beauty of the temple itself, you also get a view of Mt. Agung -- yes, that is the one that has had 2 large eruptions in the last year.

FEE: Free. 

TIP: If you're ambitious and/or good with your schedule you can definitely fit Pura Lempuyang and Sideman Rice Terrace into the same day. 

More information can be found from this guide here.

We hope this helps you take advantage of your free time while you are visiting Bali. Feel free to write us directly or comment if you need any help with anything discussed in this article. Or anything else Bali related for that manner, we have many staff born here in Bali and are all more than willing to help you out.

Safe travels!

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