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What to remember when producing jewelry in Indonesia (and something you should not forget).

Updated: Dec 20, 2018

For any large production market, there are a few local conditions to take into consideration. In the case of importing custom jewelry from Indonesia, we have gathered the most important 2 “nice to knows” and the 2 “need to knows” that you must not forget to account for.

Let's start of light and go through the 2 things that are nice to consider when choosing Indonesian producers.

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1. Choose a supplier that understands you

First, it can take a long time to develop the necessary relationship to your Indonesian supplier, do to cultural differences.

A good starting point is choosing suppliers that have exported to your home market before and generally have a broad experience in dealing with customers from different countries.

2. Transparency is not always a given

Another important thing to be aware of is that the communication process can be very long and lack transparency.

Ask for a complete plan on how your supplier will keep you in the loop. It is vital that you have a safe overview or running updates on production, shipping deadlines and other information you may need as a wholesaler importing Indonesian jewelry.

A good example is, that it is not always a given for the producer, that the customer should be aware that rainy season can disrupt the production and postpone the finishing deadline. Keep reading to find out how to solve this.

It is time to go over the 2 things you need to consider and ask your producer about.

The rainy season in Indonesia is from October to April and can be a disturber for production and (if not taken into account).

1. It can rain so much that it pauses production

When importing products from Indonesia it is important to take the tropical climate into account because this can influence the production process. This is mostly relevant during the rainy season which spans from October to April.

During rainy season it can suddenly start raining for a week. As this might not seem like a problem it can be, as many producers use the sun to dry colored items or simply have bad production facilities that might be disturbed from heavy rain.

Worst case scenario, it postpones the date your shipment will be finished, maybe by a week or two also postponing the time the products can reach your market.

This issue is easy to account for, if you remember doing it. Just ask and see if your supplier can be disrupted by this challenge, if so, ask if it is considered and maybe include a 1- or 2-week buffer for such disruptions in the production.

2. Ask how resistant your fashion jewelry is

As in any other production country, the wholesale customer always has to balance high quality and high margins. Our experience says that Indonesian producers use the necessary level of quality materials, but it is important that you have a dialogue on whether these bracelets are one-time use promotional or is going to represent a fashion brand.

A general rule of thumb is the materials reaction to water over time. If the strings become tired and flossed and the beats lose color, this is a sign of lower quality materials.

We hope this little overview will help you on your journey to safely import fashion Indonesian jewelry – if you have not already, see our article on the 5 reasons you should choose Indonesia for your production needs.

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