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What Exactly is Handmade Jewelry?

You might be wondering, is handmade jewelry actually made 100% by someone's hands? Or is this one of those kind of misleading sayings that often confuse people who are outside of the industry? Luckily, this is actually one of the cases that is easy to understand. Handmade literally means that another person (referred to in this article as an artisan) creates each jewelry product one-by-one with a couple simple tools using their hands.

In this article we are going to go over some of the pros and cons of handmade jewelry. We are also going to be answering some common questions like "why should I buy handmade jewelry" and "what are the benefits of producing handmade jewelry?"

As one of the most successful handmade jewelry producers in Asia, we have tried, tested, failed, tried again, and succeeded in virtually all areas are fashion jewelry production. After 6 years we have compiled our expertise so you can be more equipped when sourcing products and hopefully avoid any unnecessary set-backs.

Originally handmade jewelry was easy to recognize and often looked the same no matter where you came from. However, nowadays it can be extremely versatile and even hard to recognize. We try very hard to continue to keep up with the fashion trends in the world, all the while putting our own unique style and trends into them. Here are some examples of handmade fashion jewelry and the many styles you can design.

6 handmade bracelets with gold accents by Susila Jewelry
SUSILA 'Azurite Collection'

Alright, let's jump into the pros and cons.


1. Constant quality checking

2. Enviromentally friendly

3. Feel good about your purchase

4. Each piece has character

5. Often higher quality

6. Creates job for people

7. Support a tradition of skilled work

8. Help communities

9. Increased durability


1. Limited on design/styles

2. Slower production time

3. Quality may very depending on experience

After reading this hopefully you will have a better idea of what handmade products are and what they offer to the consumer and to ultimately to you as the seller.

Okay, let us summarize things and answer the big question. Why should I buy handmade fashion jewelry?

Out of all of the positives of buying handmade fashion jewelry listed above, what stands out most to us is the powerful story that is tied to handicraft jewelry.

You are producing a product that is impactful to a traditional skill, local communities, and good for the environment. At SUSILA Jewelry we saw this potential and found a way to take it even one step further. Over 6 years ago we had learned that many Balinese are very talented artisans because they are taught the craft from a young age as part of local traditions, this was very interesting because we had also heard that there are too many artisans doing the craft and almost nobody sharing these beautiful creations with the world. As it turns out, many artisans and women are not able to be part of the workforce due to family and religious responsibilities. With this knowledge we decided to explore our passion for this remarkable handmade jewelry and the hidden talent we had recently been exposed to in so many of these locals. What came next was amazing. We were able to create a type of environment that many artisans could work remotely, almost like freelancers. This has had a huge positive impact in empowering women in their communities. By establishing this kind of opportunity hundreds of women are now able to feel more independent and earn extra income to help support their families.

We hope this article was useful and also helped you to realize the beautiful story that is handmade jewelry in Indonesia.

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