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The History of Wholesale Products from Bali

They Don’t Call It The ‘Island of the Gods’ For Nothing.

Those who have been to Bali and experienced firsthand what this mystical island has to offer have come across a culture so distinct and alluring that there’s no wonder why many tourists choose to forgo their return tickets and stay. But the tourists who have had the full Balinese holiday experience and come home. Many bring a memento delicately crafted and overflowing with spiritual significance with them and this is a chance to stay connected to Bali wherever they are in the world.

The Balinese people are well known for their unique and intricate workmanship which can be seen everywhere from their daily way of life to the sun-soaked temples, incense-filled rituals, tended rice paddies, the flavour-filled warungs, the finest traditional sarongs, the most stunning Batik prints, their intriguing jewellery and all the rest of the skillful handmade goods which are special and symbolic to the island.

The Goldsmiths and Silversmiths of Bali

Inspired by culture, nature and thriving local wisdom, Balinese jewellery is widely varied and is known for their exquisite craftsmanship. It has been cited that the majority of the community of gold and silversmiths is now found in the small village of Celuk, around 10km directly south of the spiritual and popular Ubud. This small village and its skilled artisans has truly defied the powers of globalization: at the prospect of the infiltration of tourism, the villagers transformed themselves from rice farmers to gold and silversmiths.

Many Balinese families can trace their jeweller and silversmith roots all the way back to the Majapahit Empire and the Javanese invasion in the 16th century as shared by this Magic of Bali article. From the legends in the area, the very first goldsmith clans learned the craft taught by the gods who were sent to Earth to teach humankind civil behaviour.

Enterprising Outsiders

For travellers, the desire to bring Bali wherever you go and the unending appeal and continuous evolvement of Balinese jewellery ignites the very core belief of modern entrepreneurship. Acknowledging the fact that there is a certain charm in tirelessly acquiring memorable Balinese pieces in local markets, knowing that you can have authentic, ethically-made pieces and share these treasures with others is a feeling like no other.

From a business owner’s perspective, finding these artisans and manufacturers in a heavily-saturated industry is often tedious and tiresome but luckily, there are several reputable distributors and independent manufacturing companies in Bali today which can become your trusted wholesale partner when starting your own jewellery business or expanding your portfolio to include new designs or more ethical practices and materials.

Why Wholesale?

Wholesale is described as wherein a business buys goods in large quantities directly from manufacturers or distributors, warehouses them, and resells them to other businesses.

So what does wholesaling mean for independent business owners and the individual buyers of the Balinese jewellery industry?

A One-Stop shop

Accessibility to a variety of beautiful jewellery pieces will not be an issue as your wholesaler has already sourced a very large collection of them all for you and is always on the lookout for new products and materials.

Uniquely Made The shortage of interesting pieces is near impossible as Balinese artisans are known for their bespoke, handcrafted jewellery which are influenced by both traditional and modern techniques.

Only The Best Quality

Wholesalers are known to be flexible when it comes to the assortment of their products as long as you are with a trusted manufacturer, you can be assured of the high quality standard of your jewellery pieces.


Several wholesalers offer comparatively good discounts to individual jewellery retailers and business-owners diminishing the individual cost of everything and enabling the clients to obtain more for less.

Bulk Purchase

Purchasing in bulk is always a good idea as you can save on shipping charges and other costs as opposed to ordering and paying for each jewellery piece in small quantities.

Navigating the Balinese jewellery wholesale industry efficiently is not an easy task. However, finding the right, reliable wholesale manufacturer who understands your objective and needs as a business owner is the first step towards a successful jewellery business. Avoiding many of the common mistakes people make when finding a manufacturer is one of the single best things you can do for your business.

Invest, Create and Innovate

Jewellery trends come and go, there’s no doubt about that. What sets Balinese jewellery apart from all the other types of jewellery is the technique, time and superior skills each local artisan portrays in creating every piece. Nothing compares to owning timeless jewellery which can be enjoyed and cherished for many years.

By supporting trusted and reliable wholesale manufacturers who are invested in the well-being of their artisans and their communities, you help create an empowered group of people (over 70% women artisans) who will thrive and continue to master their craft and share the beauty of handmade products.

Susila Jewelry does just that. The company takes pride in every relationship they build with their employees, partner-designers and artisans. This value is also reflected in their products which are produced by only using ethically-sourced materials. Their responsibility continues to extend to the environment as they offer sustainable, plastic-free options for production.

Susila Jewelry’s “Be Good - Do Good” manifesto is not only an innovation but the very core foundation of creating a system that empowers and accommodates the talented Balinese artisans. This allows artisans to create, earn and provide for their families in a dramatically improved way. It also helps them grow independently while still being able to tend to the responsibilities they have within their families and communities all from the comforts of their home.

Read more about Susila Jewelry and what they can do for you here.

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