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The Best Wholesale Jewelry Manufacturer

Since the beginning of time, fashion has been more than just clothing, make-up, and hairstyling. A woman’s presence is equally felt by her choices of jewelry, almost like how she walks and talks. Accessories are meant to supplement a woman’s style, but in Susila, they make it possible to supersede it. With their custom-made design option and a wide variety of ready-made styles to choose from, there will always be a perfect fit for every individual’s taste. In terms of custom-making, they protect and respect the design ideas of the consumers, so it is kept confidential at all costs. Empowering clients to stay true to their vision and becoming intentional with their designs is one of their missions as a company to achieve quality, delicateness and uniqueness in every piece of jewelry made.

Style is always the main reason a person chooses to don a piece of jewelry, unlike other accessory pieces like scarves and sunglasses that serve a certain function. On Susila’s end, style only comes secondary, as it is in their belief that they serve a bigger purpose. Their team consists of diverse and multi-talented leaders who pioneered a community of respect -- that is, respect for the craft, respect for the artists, and respect for the environment. They have utmost respect for the artists behind every piece of accessory produced. Being handcrafted in Bali, Indonesia, almost all of their workers are Balinese women. Susila arranged a work set-up that allows them to work from home, preserving their quality of life and honoring their roles in their homes and in the community especially for mothers who sometimes fulfill the role of a breadwinner. Because of this, the Balinese women’s cultural practices are still part of their day-to-day routine and overworking is not glorified because their art is compensated well. Their spiritual practices remain present in their lives and they truly believe it is what fuels their craft, in hopes that the positive and abundant energy transfers from their handmade jewelries to their future owners.

One of the main objectives of Susila is to make sure that their workers, who are locals themselves, would feel comfortable and safe in their practices from the operations down to their working environment. Their working environment is closely monitored in both physical and social aspects. Because of this, they are able to maintain pleasant working relationships. It reflects in their workers as they continue to produce consistent, thoughtful, handmade pieces of jewelry. Another skill that is dominant among the locals is wood-working. This type of service also comes in handy in jewelry fabricating, and even in stone setting. Because of their knowledge on this, it allows them to share their expertise in terms of precision and especially in sourcing exotic wood such as ebony and rosewood as per client’s request. Some techniques that set them apart from other international manufacturers and wholesalers are jewelry knotting, jewelry stringing, and the use of a jewelry loom that allows them to make intricate designs which are not easily imitated or duplicated.

A unique initiative (and a very helpful one) is their free sample box that is worth over $120 USD. This gives the potential clients and consumers a firsthand experience of their products, providing them an opportunity to make informed decisions in partnering with Susila. This continues to garner a lot of positive feedback and it only proves how superb their customer service is. They let their products speak for themselves without having to sugarcoat anything to the consumers. The concept of sample boxes is hard to come by especially among wholesale jewelry manufacturers. It is really encouraged to go for a company who cares about their consumers as much as they care about their businesses. Luckily, Susila Jewelry is ahead of the game and has proved the integrity of their services time and time again over the course of their operating years. They also have strict protocols on quality control, and they have a damaged goods policy. On top of that, they have secured their worldwide shipping making sure that the couriers are responsible for any damages acquired during the shipment. In terms of legal matters and regulation of their business, clients do not have to worry as they are 100% licensed and cleared to operate. This guarantees that all operations, from sourcing materials, to compensating workers, and shipment arrangements are government-approved and regulated.

The company does not only take pride in the variety of the jewelry pieces in their sample boxes. They are also thrilled that they are able to deliver them (and all their products) in eco-friendly packaging. Clients are also welcome to request for their customized packaging, or simply include a logo in Susila’s default eco-friendly packaging. This thoughtful move is rooted from their respect to the environment. Residing on an island in Indonesia, the Balinese people’s lifestyle revolves around nature. They know the value of their resources and that is everything is owed and given back to earth. Because of this, Susila chose the eco-friendly route for an ethical and sustainable production of their jewelry. They can even customize a zero-plastic option if the client is opting for an environmentally conscious approach. The more recycled materials and upcycled resources they utilize, the more that they produce. The more that they produce, the more families that they help. This makes them the best wholesale jewelry manufacturer in Southeast Asia. It is almost like purchasing from them would be an act of kindness to the artisans and to the environment while they serve top quality aesthetics to their clients.

Their social responsibility does not stop in their production because they are also affiliated with a non-profit organization called SoleMen who gives aid to the less fortunate citizens of Bali, Indonesia. As of August 2020, they are focusing more on providing assistance to families who have been greatly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Gone are the days when mass production and speed is the primary edge of the established jewelry manufacturers especially in China. The industry is now making a complete turn and those that seem to flourish are the ones who are ethical, responsible, and client-centered.

Join the community of Susila Jewelry and be part of their growing empire today, consisting of satisfied clients, loyal partners, skilled artists, and compassionate leaders.

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