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Things to do in Bali on a business trip (version 1)

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

When we first started business in Bali, we fall on this particular Island in Indonesia because it is not only a great business center – but also because the Island has so much to offer visitors.

Therefore, we thought a guide to some of the secrets for when you are of the clock would be in order.

Ask you business partner if you can join a local ceremony

"Going to the beach" ceremony in Bali, the final element of a Hindu funeral

Bali is the Island of hospitality and diversity in Indonesia and there is a great acceptance and inclusion of people across religions and faiths. The Balinese have 12 religious holidays a year and spend great amounts of money and time on ceremonies.

As such, your relationship with your supplier, agent or other business partner in Bali is a great opportunity to experience real Balinese culture – and get a glimpse behind the 'tourist curtains'. It is easy, just ask if there are any larger ceremonies coming up and if it would be okay for you to participate – We bet that you will be happily welcomed.

Depending on the ceremony, be aware that you will probably have to wear a sarong, which your business partner can easily supply for you on the day of the ceremony. We have participated in everything from weddings to funerals (which both likely are quite different from what you know).

Dining and drinks experiences

The club La Favella has little to do with Indonesian culture – but it can compete with the clubs of the biggest metropolitans

Now this topic is not exactly about real authentic Indonesian dining experiences. Actually, it is about very westernized places aimed at capturing tourists. Still, there are a number of venues in Bali that you simply have to visit.

I am talking about restaurants/bars which in overall experience is on level with famous venues from Hong Kong to New York. All of the places below are in the famous Seminyak area and in short distance of each other (at least if you are on "moterbike" like everyone else).

Motel Mexicola: Imagine walking into a big Mexican house from the 50s. Saints on the walls, blue, pink and blue everywhere and central american music playing all day long. Dinner here is a very nice experience and you can choose from more than 20 different tapas and tacos like dishes.

La Favella: This is the venue of all venues (maybe slightly exaggerating here). La Favella is a club and restaurant build and decorated completely from old furniture, vintage cars and all kinds of rustic small items. On the roof is glued more than thirty rusty bikes and small model cars and the desk of the DJ is an old TV rebuild into a fishtank. If you are going out just once during your stay, this is the place to see.

La Plancha: Now La Plancha is not much other than bean bag chairs, drinks and food on the beach, but it is in perfect direction for watching the tide rise and the sun go down in the afternoon. There are plenty of these bars all over the beach, but hey, what's not to like.

Are we missing something? Please let us know in the comments.

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