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CAD, 3D and WAX

Quick and affordable visual creation of your design for later production.


Prepare your next production

and visualize your idea 

Let us create a CAD, 3D or WAX shape of your jewelry item

Maximum one week turnaround time.

1. Affordable CAD, 3D and WAX designs from as low as $30. 

2. We create it from your idea, examples or drawing with unlimited revisions.

3.Finnish up the first step to your production with a professional design you can share with producers.

Choice of model

Depending on your design needs and stage in production, we offer several different ways of visualizing with the correct measurements or physically



The technical drawing in 2D that provides the measurements in correct scale of the full jewelry piece.

Up to $2 pr. pcs.


The best visual for showing you item in 360 degree graphics. Visualize your idea in a easily shareable format.

Up to $25 pr. pcs


Custom made pendants  WAX models of your pendants. Made to see it physically and is also used in production.

Up to 50$ pr. model

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Request a quote for your designs

Save on turning your design into 3D or CAD drawings and create a WAX model ready for production.

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